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Institutions et organismes impliqués
Haiti - Government Profile
IMF. 2020. Haiti: Selected Issues. Volume 2020: Issue 122. Accessed on 20 February 2024. Available at: Juno7 Haiti. 26 May 2022. "Haïti: Lancement du programme multisectoriel d’apaisement et de réinsertion sociale". Accessed on 20 February 2024. Available at:
Groupe de population
Poor households

Détails du programme

Objectifs du programme

To contribute to the improvement of food and nutritional security of vulnerable households, as well as to reduce the vulnerability to food insecurity and the malnutrition rates of vulnerable households.

Date de début
As of September 2023: 45,600 hot meals and 115,000 food baskets distributed. Around 50 000 beneficiaries of cash transfers. 56,951 public workers received payments.

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