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Informations de base

Institutions et organismes impliqués
Groupe de population
Children, Youth

Détails du programme

Objectifs du programme

It is an economic aid granted to students that are currently in primary, presecondary, secondary and special education from the regular subsystem, until they finish their studies. The payments are sent through electronic media, in order for the participating students of the programme to be able to use them to buy food, personal hygiene items, medication, school supplies, uniforms, books, data and technological tools. The objectives of the programme are: preventing truancy, repetition and couteract school desertion; raise the levels of school enrollment and asistance; assist the students currently enrolled in primary, presecondary, secondary and special education; motivate and strengthen academic improvement. This programme has replaced the former Universal Scholarship programme.

Conditionnalités (le cas échéant)
i) Being a regular student of the first or second educational level of the regular subsystem, and special education of the non regular subsystem; ii) Mantain a good class attendance during the school year; iii) Mantain a good conduct, according to what is described in the private or official educational centre's internal regulations. This does not apply to the case of students with special needs that are receiving services from private or official educational centres; iv) Visits to the educational centre by the legal tutor as well as their participation in informative lectures for parents.

Ciblage et éligibilité

Couverture et autres informations

Montant des bénéfices
A double allowance is granted to students with ""Puestos Distinguidos"", ""Concurso General"", outstanding students in sports and fine arts, academic and cultural events, and students that possess Asistance for Disability. The value depends on the student's education level: i) PAB 270 for primary school students, which correspond to PAB 90 every 3 months; ii) PAB 360 for presecondary school students, which correspond to PAB $120 every 3 months; iii) PAB 450 for secondary school students, which correspond to PAB 150 every 3 months; For special education students, the allowance will be bestowed according to the education level established in the annual allowance.
Mécanisme de versement des bénéfices
Digital payment via ""Tarjeta de Clave Social"" and the Youth Card (Cédula Juvenil), or through a bank transfer. The students collect their allowances through the Digital Scholarship system, which is cashed with the recipient's identity card.
Legal Framework
Law 148 and Resolution No. 015 of the National Council of the Institution for the Formation and Utilisation of Human Resources - IFARHU (2020).