Dernière mise à jour: 12/3/2024

Informations de base

Groupe de population
Ethnic groups, Women, Mother, Pregnant, Lactating women

Détails du programme

Objectifs du programme

The major objectives of JSY were to reduce maternal mortality ratio and infant mortality rate by encouraging institutional deliveries and focusing on institutional care among women, particularly those belonging to families below the poverty line. 

Nom du programme précédent (le cas échéant)
National Maternity Benefit Scheme (NMBS)

Ciblage et éligibilité

Critère d'éligibilité
Eligibility criteria differ between states depending on their current performance regarding institutional delivery rates. In low-performing states, the programme covers all women delivering in public health centres regardless of any vulnerability criteria, as well as those women classified as ‘below the poverty line’ (BPL) and members of a Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe delivering in accredited private institutions. However, in states that already have higher institutional delivery rates, the programme is reserved for those considered BPL or Scheduled Castesor Tribes.

Couverture et autres informations

Mécanisme de versement des bénéfices
At the time of discharge from the hospital/health centre
Mécanismes et fréquence de suivi et évaluation
The SHM/SIC shall institute adequate and appropriate arrangements for monitoring and evaluation of the Scheme. For this purpose, they may utilize the services of Population Research Centres, NGO Groups and other independent Groups. SHM/SIC will inform the Central Nodal Agency about the steps initiated in this regard. Besides this, the Central Government will also establish an independent monitoring and evaluation mechanisms.