Dernière mise à jour: 23/2/2024

Informations de base

Institutions et organismes impliqués
Groupe de population

Détails du programme

Objectifs du programme

(i) Assisting families and/or guardians to children and orphans to continue living with familes and survive without compromising the growth and development of the child .

(ii) Help to preserve and strengthen the family institutions involved in providing perfect care to children.

Date de début
The Department of Social Welfare. 2015. Laporan Statistik 2015. The Department of Social Welfare. Accessed 22 June 2023.

Ciblage et éligibilité

Régions ciblées
Critère d'éligibilité
(i) Citizen and resident in Malaysia; (ii) Families/ guardians who provide care to children and household income does not exceed the Poverty Line Income (PGK) of the Current Average Poor Household or the Current Average Poor Per Capita PGK; (iii) Children under the age of 18 and those aged 18 years and above may be considered if attending school until the end of the upper secondary;

Couverture et autres informations

Montant des bénéfices
i. RM200 per person for children aged 6 years & below; ii. RM150 per person for children aged 7 years to 18 years; and iii. Maximum assistance rate of RM1000/family per month
Legal Framework