Dernière mise à jour: 21/3/2024

Détails du programme

Objectifs du programme

This programme aims to reduce the unemployment rate of young students graduated from Bachelor, University or Technical Training of the National Institute of Vocational Training and Preparation for Human Development (INADEH), who have not participated in a formal employment. Through investment in training and internships, the program is aiming to include participants in the labour market. 

Composantes du programme
(i) Training in socio-emotional skills for life and work, with a gender focus, facilitated by psychologists and/or social workers; (ii) Work Internship (3 months) in a recognized company, in an area where interns apply their knowledge acquired in high school, university or technical training; (iii) Joint tutoring between labor intermediation specialists (psychologists and/or social workers) and company human resources personnel.
Nom du programme précédent (le cas échéant)
Panamá Pro Joven (Panama Pro Youth)
Conditionnalités (le cas échéant)
i) Programme participants should keep attending the workshop until the training concludes; ii) Accomplish attendance and use of internship work in a real business environment.

Ciblage et éligibilité

Réévaluation d'éligibilité (le cas échéant)
ii) Internships: During the internship the participating company must inform the Ministry every 15 days about the assistance, performance and evolution of the intern. In this way, there will be a follow-up, evaluation and personalized advice to the participant that who requires it. Young interns will obtain the status of a worker, if they successfully complete the program and obtain a job offer at the company in which they developed the internship.

Couverture et autres informations

Mécanisme de versement des bénéfices
i) Soft abilities training: There will be agreements between the Ministry of Labour and Labour Development (MITRADEL) and other governmental and private entities, to successfully implement the training of the interns. Classes will be held to help participants to develop soft skills such as leadership, emotional intelligence, teamwork, frustration management, financial education entrepreneurship, human relations management, equality of opportunities, labour rights, vocational strengthening and development of technical skills; ii) Internships: There will not be a relationship between the participating company and the apprentice. This relation will be regulated by a cooperation agreement between the MITRADEL, the participating company and the intern. The cooperation agreement will grant the parties the power to end the intership before three months. However, the terminating party must submit its justification in writing.
Durée minimale et maximale des prestations (le cas échéant)
i) Soft abilities training: The training time of the youth groups will be 20 hours for groups of up to 100 young people, while for groups of more than 100 young people it will be up to 40 hours; ii) Internships: The intership will last three months in a private company.