Catégorie du cours: 
Instructor-led course
Course start date: 
6 Octobre, 2022 - 14:00
Economic Policy Research Institute, EPRI

Designing and Implementing Adaptive Social Protection Systems

Globally, social protection programmes are gaining traction as instruments to achieve sustainable development and reduce vulnerabilities faced by households in the context of cascading and interacting shocks. Strengthening adaptive social protection systems offers the potential to mitigate the short-term impacts while contributing to building the resilience of people to future threats and crises. The Economic Policy Research Institute offers this 12-week course to help you strengthen your knowledge and skills on social protection and explore new ways to design and implement adaptive and shock-responsive social protection systems.

Course modules:

- Shock-responsive and adaptive social protection

- Promotive social protection

- Climate change adaptation and mitigation

- Evidence building for social protection

- Financing of social protection


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