Onglets principaux


Seasoned Development Solutions is an international consultancy firm whose key objective is to help organizations, development partners and government institutions in mainstreaming key sustainable development issues in development processes and programmes.

Through providing expert advice in the fields of sustainable development, disaster risk management, social protection programming, gender mainstreaming and also through the provision of cutting-edge technology solutions that address the ever-evolving development needs we play a key role in the achievement of the following sustainable development goals:

  • Goal number 1 addressing poverty
  • Goal number 2 that focusses on zero hunger among the world population through achievement of food security
  • Goal number 5: Gender Equality and the realization of gender equity
  • Goal number 10 whose end result is reduced inequality between and among communities
  • Goal Number 11 which seeks to achieve sustainable cities and communities

We do this through the provision of industry driven, relevant, tailored training events and programmes in the above-mentioned fields with the sole purpose of bridging knowledge gaps that derail the achievement of sustainable development.