Onglets principaux


UNAIDS aims to lead the world in its historic quest to end the AIDS epidemic as a public health threat and attain the three zeros vision. UNAIDS’ approach is evidence-informed and rights-based, underpinned by the values of equality and sustainability, and has inclusive governance and mutual accountability at the core. Ultimately it seeks to provide support to robust country-owned and -led AIDS responses. The only cosponsored Joint Programme of the United Nations System, UNAIDS is a tangible example of a coherent intersectoral response to the multifaceted issue of HIV. Its strength derives from the diverse expertise and mandates of its 11 Cosponsors and the added value of the Secretariat, as well as its unique governance body, comprising 22 Member States, representation of the Cosponsors and five seats for regional nongovernmental organizations. Its governance approach provides an unparalleled platform for engaging non-state actors in discussions on difficult issues in national and intergovernmental forums.