Onglets principaux


In March 2012, 14 NGOs from all over the world participated in a workshop in Geneva, Switzerland on “The ILO’s social protection floor – lobbying for a strong recommendation”. The aim of this workshop – organized by the Geneva Office of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) – was to bring together NGOs from the global South and North to discuss strategies for supporting a strong ILO Recommendation. As a result of this workshop a Joint Statement of NGOs was written to support the adoption of a strong, autonomous ILO Recommendation on the Social Protection Floor. In the end, this Joint Statement was supported and signed by 59 NGOs from different parts of the world.  It was presented at the relevant negotiating committee at the International Labour Conference (ILC) in Geneva in June 2012 by the International Movement ATD Fourth World. After this huge success of joining forces for a common goal, the NGOs decided to keep the momentum and to deepen their joint action towards achieving social protection for all.

Thus, the Global Coalition for Social Protection Floors was created in summer 2012. The Coaltion consists now of more than 80 NGOs and Trade Unions from all parts of the world.

The Coalition operates within a worldwide network structure without formal headquarter, secretariat, and sponsorship department. The Coalition communicates with ILO, the UN Inter Agency Board on the SPF and other relevant organizations as well as contribute to international and regional forums.