Onglets principaux


BASIC (Better Assistance in Crises) Research is a FCDO funded programme examining why, how and when to use social protection approaches in different crisis contexts, to deliver more effective social assistance so that vulnerable people cope better with crises and meet their basic needs. The programme’s overarching question is:

In crisis settings, how can international, national and local actors work together to strengthen commitments and effectively, efficiently and sustainably provide social assistance to those in need?

Ultimately, BASIC Research aims to generate evidence and fresh perspectives on how to strengthen social assistance in the most difficult protracted crisis settings and for the populations that are the hardest to reach.

BASIC Research is led by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) together with the School of Global Studies at the University of Sussex, and the Centre for International Development and Training (CIDT) at the University of Wolverhampton, working with an assortment of partners across 11 countries affected by protracted crisis. Deeper research focuses on Lebanon, Niger, Nigeria and Yemen.