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This issue features new and relevant resources focusing on the delivery of social protection in situations of conflict. Register for three upcoming webinars, enrol on our new micro-course ‘ASPects 3: Financing’ to learn about the Disaster Risk Financing (DRF) approach, listen to the latest episode of the Social Protection Podcast on digital financial inclusion, and browse publications discussing our ageing world and food security and nutrition in Latin America and the Caribbean.
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Disaster Risk Financing meets Adaptive Social Protection: Maximizing the effectiveness of shock response

14 February 2023 | 14:00 (CET/GMT+1)
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Is social protection to blame for informality?

16 February 2023 | 10:00 GMT-6
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Integrated Social Protection Information System in Uzbekistan
DCI, Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan

23 February 2023 | 12:00 GMT
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Social Protection Podcast
Episode 22 | Digital Financial Inclusion—Around 80 million women opened bank accounts for the first time during the COVID-19 pandemic to receive government benefits. Could policy design be improved to ensure that digital accounts effectively lead to greater financial inclusion of beneficiaries? Guests from the ODI, WFP and GIZ discuss this topic.
ASPects 3: Financing | GIZ, socialprotection.org—Enrol now on the third course of the e-Learning series on Adaptive Social Protection (ASP), which presents the Disaster Risk Financing (DRF) approach as applied to Adaptive Social Protection. What are the instruments and benefits of this approach, and what can we learn from current experiences?
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Podcast: ESCWApod 6: Marco Schaeffer | ESCWA—Learn about the importance of social protection in the Arab region and some of the challenges in the field with Senior Social Affairs Officer and Chief of ESCWA’s Social Protection Section, Marco Schaefer.
Academic Opportunities
Call for papers: Crisis and Continuity: Towards Inclusive, Resilient, and Environmentally Sustainable Social Policies in the Middle East and North Africa
MENASP | Rabat | Blended | Apply by 5 March 2023
Food and Development MA
University of Sussex | Brighton | In-person | Apply by 1 August 2023 (international),
1 September 2023 (UK)
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Senior Programme Policy Officer
WFP | Juba | Apply by 19 February 2023

Consultancy (2 positions): Extension of social security to informal workers in Rwanda
ILO | Kigali | Apply by 24 February 2023
Delivering social protection in situations of conflict
February 2023 marks one year since the invasion of Ukraine. In this issue, we look at the hardships and lessons learned in the field of social protection in contexts of conflict, crisis and fragility. Millions of displaced people lack protection, food and housing. Browse exclusive blog posts by members of the CALP Network, WFP and STAAR; two publications; a podcast and database on the Ukrainian situation; and a profile of a social welfare fund programme in Yemen.
The state of the social protection system in Ukraine as it reaches the one-year mark of the conflict | by Oleksandr Beyko (Governmental Liaison Associate) and Carla Lacerda (WFP Ukraine)—Discover the efforts by WFP and other agencies to support 17.7 million people in Ukraine, 54 per cent of whom are women and children, in need of protection, shelter and food since the outbreak of the war.
UKRAINE: Towards a more effective humanitarian response | by Lynn Yoshikawa (CALP Network)—Cash transfers have been the most used response in Ukraine since the outbreak of the war. Discover the main takeaways of the Ukraine Learning Group on humanitarian CVA, which undertook research on the humanitarian and social protection responses in the region since April 2022.
A Snapshot of Social Protection and its links with Humanitarian Assistance in the Ukraine Crisis | by Thomas Byrnes | STAAR—The conflict in Ukraine continues to cause disruption and displacement. How have local social protection systems and humanitarian actors responded to the escalating, ever-shifting needs of the population?

Access additional publications about social protection in situations of conflict,
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Transferencias monetarias y sistemas de protección social en la acción humanitaria | a-humanitaria—This course provides practical definitions of social protection systems and analyses their linkages with cash transfer programmes. This tool is widely used to complement existing social protection programmes or contribute to their implementation.
Social Protection Podcast
Episode 13 | Social Protection in Ukraine— As the war in Ukraine reaches one year, remember the challenges faced by the country during the early stages of the conflict to protect both the migrant population and the ones who stayed. Learn about the efforts of experts to support the country’s social protection systems during the ongoing crisis.
Programme Profiles
Social Welfare Fund (SWF)
By providing unconditional cash transfers to children, elderly persons, persons with disabilities, women, and the working-age population, the Social Welfare Fund (SWF) programme aims to financially support families living in poverty in Yemen. It was discontinued in 2015 due to the local conflict, as well as lack of funds, leaving 8 to 9 million people without any social protection coverage. In 2017, the World Bank and UNICEF launched the Second Additional Financing (AF2) for the Yemen Emergency Crisis Response Project, using a database of SWF beneficiary households to target assistance.
U-Report Ukraine
Browse the findings of a survey with over 5,000 participants who have benefited from social protection programmes during the ongoing war in Ukraine. Navigate data disaggregated by: how many people received assistance; which institution/organisation; type of assistance; relevance according to beneficiaries’ needs; and other characteristics.
Past Webinar
The social protection response for Ukrainian refugees: Poland’s Big4 social protection programming presentation and discussion on the regional response
UNICEF, IFRC, FCDO, Social Protection in Crisis Contexts OC

14 April 2022
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