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This month we bring you a selection of disability-related content and the latest news of our platform! Register for upcoming webinars discussing informal workers and people living with HIV/TB. You are also welcome to register for an event on disability-inclusive social protection systems, enrol in our free micro-course ‘Programmes and Delivery Systems’ (ASP Series), listen to our podcast about Universal Basic Income and apply for the Ambassadors Programme! Enjoy!
Upcoming Events
The Dissemination Event for the Mid-Term Review of the Malawi National Support Programme (MNSSP) II 
Government of Malawi 

18 February 2022 | 14:00 CAT
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The MNSSP II was adopted in 2018. This event will present the results and findings of its mid-term review process along with recommendations to accelerate the achievement of the objectives set for 2023. Join us!
Disability – Social Protection – Inclusion: Dialogue for Change
ILO, UNICEF, IDA and partners 

16-17 March 2022  
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Join us for technical sessions on the design and implementation of disability-inclusive social protection policies, programmes, and delivery mechanisms. Register now!
Upcoming Webinars 
Social Protection for Informal Workers 

17 February | 14:00 (GMT+2)
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Making universal social protection a reality for people living with, at the risk of, and affected by HIV or TB

24 February | 15:30 CET / GMT+1
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ASP Series 1: Programmes and Delivery Systems
socialprotection.org, IPC-IG, GIZ  — The first micro-course of the Adaptive Social Protection (ASP) Series focuses on ways the design of programmes can support building resilience capacities of beneficiaries. Enrol until 31 March. 
Social Protection Podcast
Episode #9 | UBI and the World of Work — Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a radical proposal for extending social protection that usually leads to misconceptions, challenging obstacles, and even prejudice across society. This is the first of a two-episode series discussing this controversial policy.
Ambassadors Programme 2022
socialprotection.org, UNV — We are accepting applications for the 9th edition of the Ambassadors Online Volunteer Programme, whereby individuals participate remotely in specifically assigned activities for the platform.

17 February
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Academic Opportunities
International Scholarship Programme
Aga Khan Foundation (AFK) | Deadline: 31/03/2022

Call for papers: “Unconditional Basic Income in Portugal: How Can We Afford It?”
Centre for Ethics, Politics and Society (CEPS) | Deadline: 25/04/2022
Job Opportunities
Expert (principal) in Pension Schemes, Governance, transparency & accountability
EU Expertise on Social Protection, Labour & Employment (SOCIEUX+) | Remote | Deadline: 20/02/2022

Principal Consultants - Social Protection (02 positions)
Oxford Policy Management (OPM) | Various locations | Deadline: 04/03/2022
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Disability and social protection: challenges in the path towards recovery
As the world sets its pace towards recovering from the impacts of the ongoing pandemic, it is a good moment to reflect on whether and how social protection responses have been effective in supporting people with disability: discover recent publications, blogs, programmes and more. As a reflection of our platform's commitment to improving the user experience of people with disability, we have recently implemented a new accessibility solution. Check it out! 
New Feature: Accessibility 
socialprotection.org now has an accessibility solution, which aims to contribute to the social inclusion of people with disability by improving their access to social protection-related content and by fostering their participation in discussions. Our partner in this effort is accessiBe, a company that invests in inclusive automation and technology for an inclusive Internet. Browse the platform and click the grey icon in the bottom right corner to try it out!
Access a selection of other publications on disability and social protection,
curated by the socialprotection.org team and its partners.
A joint statement and a global pandemic later: what did we learn about social protection for persons with disabilities?by A. Cote (UNICEF), V. Wodsak (ILO), C. Knoxx-Vydmanov (Consultant) Special contribution for this edition on Disability

Understand the different pathways countries can take towards building inclusive social protection systems for people with disability, with special attention to the life cycle.
How organisations of PWD in Nigeria can support the inclusion of the most vulnerable to social protection programmesby Adebukola Adebayo, Ambassador 2021

Discover how organisations for people with disability (PWD) operate in Nigeria and how they are facilitating access to programmes aimed at mitigating the effects of COVID-19.
Programme Profiles
Pension for the Well-being of People with Permanent Disabilities Programme 
Government of Mexico 
Since 2019, this programme provides a bimonthly non-contributory pension for people with permanent disabilities, prioritizing children, adolescents and the Indigenous population. 
Discover other 3 programmes on Latin America and Asia dedicated to people with disability
Making Social Protection Delivery Mechanisms Accessible
Center for Inclusive Policy

This animated video teaches about the different ways to make social protection mechanisms accessible for persons with disability.