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In recent years, there has been an important increase in the coverage and number of social protection programmes, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak. Although many countries still face challenges regarding financing, implementation, and management of social protection systems, there is growing integration along the different phases of the social assistance delivery chain. In this scenario, digital solutions for social protection have helped governments to identify potential beneficiaries, register and communicate with them, and make electronic payments. This issue presents materials that discuss how technology can be used to improve social protection systems and help them achieve better results.
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Past Webinars
Identification and registration of beneficiaries for SP responses in the wake of COVID-19: challenges and opportunities

02 June 2020
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Developing an Integrated and Digital Social Protection Information Systems is a crucial step in building national social protection systems. This micro-course examines what these systems are, their main components, pillars, potential benefits as well as design and implementation challenges and risks.

The course was based on the recent publication from GIZ ‘Building an integrated and digital social protection information system (Technical paper)’ and it is the third micro-course of the Social Protection Fundamentals and Topics series.

Explore past courses:
Distributing relief in a pandemic: Lessons learned about digital cash transfers during COVID-19
by Tania Tasnin

An integrated and digital social protection information system: outcomes, challenges & risks
by Thais de Bakker Castro

Digital Platforms as Tools for Enhancing South-South and Triangular Cooperation Towards the SDGs
by Isabelle Araújo
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Online Community
The Social Protection Information Systems Online Community provides a platform for members to share their experiences in designing and implementing social registries and other integrating data and information management systems for social protection. The community also works as a repository of information on resources about the topic.
COVID-19 Resources
The Social Protection Responses to COVID-19 online community is being updated frequently, and remains a valuable tool for the social protection community to find and share resources related to responses to the pandemic. Below you will find some recent content related to this newsletter's theme: If you wish to contribute to the Online Community’s materials and resources, send your suggestions to our team: [email protected]
Turning the COVID-19 Crisis into an opportunity: whats's next for social protection

This section highlights sessions of our Global e-Conference “Turning the COVID-19 crisis into an opportunity: what’s next for social protection” related to this newsletter's theme of the month:
  • (Digital) solutions for social protection responses to COVID-19: payments (Session A and Session B)
  • (Digital) solutions for social protection responses to COVID-19: outreach, registration and enrolment (Session A and Session B)