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In the 21st century, many countries in the global South have become increasingly relevant in the international system, marking their presence as prominent nations committed to the development agenda. Some have matured into leading economies, able to provide innovative responses to overcome poverty and inequality. 

As strategic partners for other developing nations, they share their successful experiences to address common transnational challenges. The knowledge shared through South-South cooperation can support the efforts of developing countries to build and strengthen their own social protection systems. 

We hope you enjoy our selection of content, featuring South-South cooperation and lessons from the global South.

Upcoming Webinars
*This webinar will also be presented in Spanish. Find more information here.
Pathways’ Perspectives: Challenging the narrative…on gender
Development Pathways

15:00 - 16:30 (GMT)

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Blog post
Last month, we hosted the blog series Social Protection in Latin America, which aims to facilitate some of the results of a recently published book — Welfare and Social Protection in Contemporary Latin America (Cruz-Martinez, 2019). 
Comparative social protection in contemporary Latin America
by Gibran Cruz-Martinez 
Social protection in Latin America: One region, two systems
by Armando Barrientos 
Social dimensions of the European Union and Colombia Free Trade Agreement
by Joan Miguel Tejedor
Featured Online Community
The Community of Practice on South-South Cooperation for Children (CoP-SSC4C) brings together practitioners, experts, partners, and individuals from different sectors who promote and support South-South and triangular cooperation for the purpose of advancing the rights and welfare of children.

From May 2018 to October 2019, CoP-SSC4C organised a series of five webinars, featuring the role of South-South cooperation in guaranteeing social protection for children. Access the entire list of recordings here.
Job Opportunities and Calls for Papers
Social Protection Technical Specialist P4 | Amman | Apply by 28 February
National Human Rights Officer (Social Protection) | Pretoria | Apply by 28 February
Upcoming event
Together with the French Development Agency (AFD) and the Addis Ababa University, the University of Luxembourg is organising the Workshop on The Distributional Impact of Social Protection. The Workshop's main objective is to enhance the knowledge and understanding of how social protection affects economic and social inequalities, their drivers and underlying factors. 

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