February 2016

20 February 2016 marks the United Nations World Day of Social Justice, therefore this month’s newsletter introduces a variety of content on the theme.  

We invite you to gain detailed insight into our latest developments in our January 2016 Progress Report.


Over the past 5 months, socialprotection.org has amassed almost 700 members from over 90 countries, affiliated with more than 40 institutions. The platform also features a Publications Search that directs access to over 1500 of the latest and most relevant publications related to social protection. 

We are proud to announce that the Inter-American Social Protection Network (IASPN) is now a partner of socialprotection.org. The IASPN is a community of practice designed to promote the exchange and transfer of experiences and knowledge on social protection.

Publications Search

Social justice aims at removing the social barriers that generate discrimination and vulnerability. In light of this, we invite you to discover this Overseas Development Institute (ODI) publication, Social protection pathways: shaping social justice outcomes for the most marginalised, now and post-2015, shared by socialprotection.org Ambassador, Prof M. Thanga Darwin. This Background Note investigates macro- to micro-impact pathways for transformative social protection that promotes social inclusion and accountability.

Prof. Darwin also shared the
International Labour Organization’s (ILO), From fiscal consolidation to expanding social protection: Key to crisis recovery, inclusive development and social justice publication. This policy paper presents the developmental arguments to invest in social protection in pursuit of crisis recovery, inclusive development and social justice.

In the flagship report,
Progress of the World’s Women 2015-2016: Transforming Economies, Realizing Rights, by the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women), it is brought to light how all too often women’s economic and social rights are compromised. The report submits that the harmonisation of macroeconomic and social policies can achieve equality. This in turn highlights how the realisation of women’s rights cannot be separated from broader questions of economic and social justice.

Member Search

Raiden Dillard (World Bank) shared Being Fair, Faring Better: Promoting Equality of Opportunity for Marginalized Roma. This publication recognises how equality of opportunity not only promotes social justice, but also presents a smart economic choice, as demonstrated in rapidly aging European societies, where young Roma represent a growing share of new labour market entrants. Equality of opportunity is increasingly understood to be an essential component of a fair and just society.

Stakeholder Search

socialprotection.org’s Stakeholder Search holds a directory of stakeholders related to the field of social protection. We invite you to include your institution in this directory by accessing the Share tab.
Online Communities

Four new Online Communities have been created over this past month, organised by UNICEF, DFID, WFP, the European Commission, the Food and Agriculture Organisation, the World Bank Group, SPIAC-B and the IPC-IG.

Discussion Forum

You can now download resources on the Discussion Forum to support the management and dissemination of Online Communities. This includes email templates to support discussions as well as guidelines catering ton. o Online Community members and administrators. Simply access Platform Administration and then click on the Online Community Resources: Email Templates and Guidelines discussion.

Check out our Events database for a calendar of upcoming events related to social protection in 2016! If you know about an upcoming event, include it in the database by accessing the Share tab.
See this
DFIDOpen Call to identify an organisation to provide a short research study on ‘The Role of Social Accountability in the Delivery of Social Protection’. DFID is looking for a team of experienced researchers to undertake a study on the effectiveness of social accountability mechanisms on the service delivery of social protection programmes, and on precipitating state society relational change. The deadline for submitting tenders is 18 March 2016 at 14:00 UK time.


We invite you to participate in the socialprotection.org Member Feedback and Suggestions Survey. Your input will ensure that the upconing development phase of the platform meets your needs!
Virtual Campus

Watch this video by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) on Social Protection and Resilience. Learn about social safety net interventions in terms of targeting and resilience analysis, to prevent households from falling into poverty and hunger

Learning Tools
Social Protection Floors are understood to be a central component of enabling social justice by ensuring human development and access to a minimum set of social services. Learn more in this
Friedrich Ebert Foundation (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, FES) Civil Society Guide to National Social Protection Floors. This information is especially pertinent in light of rising levels of inequality in both developed and developing countries.


See definitions of social protection and related terms in our Glossary! For example, the ILO’s definition of a Social Protection Floor as “an integrated set of social policies designed to guarantee income security and access to social services for all, paying particular attention to vulnerable groups, and protecting and empowering people across the life cycle.”


Have a look at our News section, where you can find up-to-date information on social protection programmes from around the world. See the The Case For Universal Support For European Families

Ambassador Programme

This month’s featured Ambassador is Emmanuel Asomba (International Development Specialist), who shared this ILO webinar on our Virtual Campus: Social health protection: addressing inequities in access to health care.

You can find out more information about socialprotection.org’s Ambassador Programme

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