Exploring Social Protection as a Response To The Covid-19 Pandemic

Social Protection system is recognized in the SDGs (Goal 1.3) as an instrument to end poverty by covering the poor and vulnerable with assistance to secure sustainable livelihood, healthcare and education. Social Protection in disasters can break the chain of inter-generational poverty and inequality, and stengthen the marginalised communities to cope with the shock and distress caused by COVID-19. This session will set out the definition, framework and typology of social protection using global strategies and multi country examples. There will be specific discussion on social protection measures introduced to tackle the pandemic in India. The discussion will have a learning session to allow the participants to share their challenges and solutions in accessing social protection.

Course Schedule:

16:00-16:05: Introduction to the course and resource persons

16:05-17:15: Session by Antara Lahiri - UNICEF and Lee Macqueen - NCDHR

17:15-17:30: Q/A Session