Integrated Social Protection Information System

This refers to the broad information system that enables the flow and management of information within the social protection sector, and sometimes beyond to other sectors. Such information systems are comprised of components that automate various functions of the social protection delivery chain in a complementary manner, including, but not limited to: Social Registries, Integrated Beneficiary Registries; Beneficiary Registries and benefit administration systems (managed through what is often called a programme MIS) and wider interoperability frameworks for data exchange with other relevant registries/systems. Importantly, however, not all countries have developed such systems to include all of the components above. For example, many countries either operate an (Integrated) Social Registry or an Integrated Beneficiary Registry.

Also see: Social Registry; Integrated Beneficiary Registry; MIS.

Sources: Barca (2017). Integrating data and information management for social protection: social registries and integrated beneficiary registries; Leite et al (2017). Social Registries for Social Assistance and Beyond: A Guidance Note & Assessment Tool. Also, join our Online Community on the topic if you want to know more!