Rapid Reflection on Cash Coordination for the Ukraine Response: Romania briefing paper

Over 3.7 million border crossings from Ukraine into Romania have been registered since the 24th February 2022, from which 83,7652 refugees currently remain in country.3 In an attempt to respond to the basic needs of these individuals, 43,129 refugees4 were supported with multi-purpose cash assistance (MPCA) in 2022. In 2023, in locations where it is contextually and operationally feasible, cash transfers have been used at scale to respond to the Ukraine crisis. The 2023 Regional Refugee Response Plan 6 appeals for $1.7 billion across 243 partners, among which the third largest share is ($153,603,900) is dedicated to Romania to support 350,000 Ukrainian refugees living there. Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) funding requirements represent 27 percent of the regional requirement ($450,792,321) and 5 percent of the funding requirement in Romania ($21,797,200) with 57 percent of CVA intended to be MPCA in Romania relative to 89 percent regionally. This rapid reflection piece look at how cash coordination structures supported the Ukraine crisis in Romania.