Cash and Vouchers Assistance (CVA) and Child Protection: Summary of practice and evidence from Save the Children programmes 2023 Edition

In an effort to increase global knowledge and learning, Save the Children conducted a global review of twenty Country Offices and their programmes in order to assess and highlight the impact that different forms of Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) have on Child Protection (CP) outcomes, to identify evidence gaps and document best programmatic practices. This follows and uses the same methodology as the 2021 Evidence Report. The case studies presented here are drawn from Save the Children programs in 20 countries: Bangladesh, Cambodia, Colombia, DRC, Egypt, Fiji, Guatemala, Haiti, Georgia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Mali, Myanmar, Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Uganda, Ukraine. Data has been gathered from programs that were completed, on-going, or that had recently started. Similarly, the length, size and monitoring of the programs differed significantly from one country to another.