Webinar presentation - The role of social protection in alleviating the adverse impacts of Climate Change Mitigation policies and achieving a Just Transition

Slide presentation of the webinar held on 11 January 2024.

This webinar shared findings from a recent study comissioned by KFW and prepared by Anna McCord and Cecilia Costella, Pathways for Social Protection in the Just Transition of Low- and MiddleIncome Countries.  The report draws on recent literature to explore the impacts of three major CCM approaches – Energy Subsidy Reform (ESR), Carbon Taxation and the green transition - on poverty, and summarises how social protection can be used to mitigate these negative impacts and promote the acceptability of CCM interventions, contributing to the realisation of a Just Transition.  It also sets out practical recommendations for designing and implementing social protection systems to support these three CCM approaches, including recommendations for development partner investment.