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Sri Lanka - Social Safety Nets Project

The development objective of the Social Safety Nets Project is to contribute to the improved equity, efficiency and transparency of Sri Lanka's social safety net programs for the benefit of the poor and vulnerable. This project has three components. 1) The firs component, Building a Unified Social Registry, will be a unified social registry containing data on all current and former program beneficiaries and new applicants. 2)The second component, Integrated Service Delivery Systems, will finance the eligible expenditure program (EEP) against achievement of disbursement-linked indicators (DLIs) related to the collection of data on current beneficiaries and new applicants of programs under the Welfare Benefit Scheme (WBS), as well as to the development of an integrated Management Information System (MIS) for the harmonized management of programs. 3) The third component, Support for Project Implementation, Monitoring and Planning, will support the establishment of the Welfare Benefits Board (WBB) and project management unit (PMU), and use of the new system for monitoring and longer-term strategic planning.