Consultancy: Universal Health Coverage and health security in Sudan

World Health Organization, WHO
Application deadline: Miercoles, Enero 26, 2022
The main objective of this consultancy is supporting the implementation of Model of Care in selected states to advance progress towards attaining Universal Health Coverage and health security in Sudan. The consultant(s) are expected to: conduct desk review of literature and key documents (national policies, strategies, assessments, reports, etc.); Facilitate consultation workshops at federal and state level on findings of Health Facility Mapping involving key stakeholders; develop a roadmap and workplans (national and states) to guide implementation of the Model of Care in selected states; among other activities.
City: Khartoum, Gazeera and El Fasher
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National Project Officer - Social Protection

International Labour Organization, ILO
Application deadline: Miercoles, Enero 26, 2022
The incumbent will be responsible for: providing professional services for the effective delivery of the Social Protection and Public Finance Management (SP&PFM) Project, including administration of day-to-day operations and effective implementation of the Project’s workplan and monitoring of the budget; conducting research and analyse data and information on issues related to social protection, disability programmes design and costing as well as relevant topics for the Project’s implementation and achievements; conducting research and analyse budgetary processes leading to allocation of financial resources for disability inclusive social protection programmes and schemes; among other duties.
City: Bishkek
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Social Protection Specialist

United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF
Application deadline: Viernes, Enero 28, 2022
The key end-results expected for the role are: constructive dialogue and partnerships are established between international and local social protection stakeholders, to provide effective protective environment for the most vulnerable children, including progressive compliance of principal policy documents and legislation regarding all aspects of child sensitive and integrated social protection systems; capacity for co-ordination of social protection is enhanced at national and sub national levels; coordination between social protection and essential services for children is increased and links between different levels of government structures for policy implementation are strengthened; among others.
City: Nairobi
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Call for consultants: Cash transfer operations and financing social protection systems

Development Pathways
Application deadline: Lunes, Enero 31, 2022
Development Pathways is looking for individual consultants with expertise and skill sets in the two areas: experience in any of design, implementation, and evaluation of Cash Transfer Programmes, and costing and financing social protection systems. Applicants should submit a CV (including three references), daily fee rate and a minimum of two samples of previous written work. It should be sent to [email protected] and will be considered on a rolling basis. Open until filled.
City: --
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Deputy Team Leader: Support to Malawi Social Cash Transfers Programme (SCTP)

CGA Technologies
Application deadline: Lunes, Enero 31, 2022
Specific tasks and responsibilities for the Deputy Team Leader [surge/cover] include: assist with leading the theoretical and strategic approach of the SCTP and linking the project with other government and social protection sector systems; assist with CGA’s interactions with and support to the Government of Malawi; coordinate and liaise with government and other key stakeholders on a regular basis; among other duties. Candidates should submit a cover letter, of no more than two pages, and CV, of no more than three pages,  to [email protected] by 17:00 on Monday, 31st January 2022.
City: Lilongwe
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Programme Policy Officer (Social Protection)

World Food Programme, WFP
Application deadline: Martes, Febrero 1, 2022
The incumbent will be responsible for carrying out the following tasks: provide technical and operational support to countries within the LAC region in all relevant areas related to social protection work, shock responsive social protection, social protection and climate change, nutrition-sensitive social protection; provide inputs to country offices for the design and implementation of social protection and school feeding components of the second-generation country strategic plans; provide technical support to country offices in the design, targeting and registration, delivery mechanisms, M&E, and other sub-systems of national social protection programmes; among other duties.
City: Panama City
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Social Protection Specialist/ Economist

World Bank Group
Application deadline: Martes, Febrero 1, 2022
The Social Protection Specialist/Economist is expected to perform the following tasks: support regional Social Protection and Jobs Teams in preparation and implementation of the sectoral work programs, particularly the implementation of the existing operations to support refugees as well as preparation of potential new projects; contribute to the consolidation of the ongoing policy dialogue in the area of social protection and jobs with the Government of Turkey and to the day-to-day dialogue with counterparts; co-lead and contribute to analytical and technical tasks and work with internal and external clients on the drafting and delivering of such tasks; among other duties
City: Ankara
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Cash for Work Officer

International Rescue Committee, IRC
Application deadline: Sábado, Febrero 12, 2022
The Officer will be responsible for: consulting with local authorities, beneficiaries, communities (and potentially other NGOs) to identify in a participatory manner the most appropriate and needed cash for work projects; working closely with Community Cash Transfer Committees (CCTCs), local government, business owners and CBOs to identify, design and carry out CFW projects; coordinating with protection teams to ensure Cash Transfer Committees (CTCs) are properly trained to select beneficiaries and CFW projects and sites; supporting the adaptation of cash for work projects based on beneficiary and monitoring feedback as needed; among other duties. Open until filled. 
City: Ar Raqqa
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Young Professionals Programme: Social Affairs/Social Policy & Development

United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, UNDESA
Application deadline: Domingo, Febrero 13, 2022
The Young Professionals Programme examination in Social Affairs/Social Policy & Development covers a wide range of cross-cutting issues covered in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The incumbent will, among other duties: carry out basic research, including collecting, analysing and presenting data and other information gathered from different sources, undertaking literature reviews and participating in the analysis of national experiences and in policy development. Assisting in designing, organizing, planning and managing the collection, evaluation, analysis, compilation, dissemination and visualization of statistical data on socio-economic issues.
City: Various locations
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Expert (principal) in Pension schemes, governance, transparency & accountability (Activity 4)

EU Expertise on Social Protection, Labour & Employment, SOCIEUX+
Application deadline: Domingo, Febrero 20, 2022
The principal expert will lead the action, be responsible for the preparation, coordination, implementation and reporting of the overall activity towards SOCIEUX+, and the delivery of all final deliverables of the activity. The present terms of reference cover the services expected for the Activity 4 of the work plan: an e-learning course focusing on best practices and prudent management of second pillar pension funds. Position open until filled.
City: Remote
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