Solapas principales


The Food Systems Summit Coalition and USP2030 Working Group (WG) on Social Protection and Food Systems Transformation was established in the aftermath of the United Nations Food Systems Summit (FSS) held in September 2021, as a result of the growing recognition of social protection’s role to support global food systems’ transformation and the need to advance this agenda beyond the Summit. The Coalition and USP2030 WG is part of the efforts of both the Food Systems Coordination Hub and the Global Partnership for Universal Social Protection to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (USP2030) to gather policymakers, practitioners, academics, and researchers from over 20 institutions, including international governmental and non-governmental organizations, national governments, universities, the private sector, think tanks and research centres. Ever since its establishment, the Coalition and USP2030 WG has been collectively working to consolidate and produce quality knowledge resources and facilitate the sharing and effective use of evidence for better decisions in developing and strengthening linkages between the social protection and food systems. By doing so, the Coalition and USP2030 WG aims to improve the adequacy and comprehensiveness, as well as the coverage, quality, and responsiveness of social protection systems, thus further contributing to poverty reduction, food and nutrition security, decent work, and sustainable agri-food system livelihoods, and environmental sustainability.