Course category: 
Instructor-led course
Course start date: 
28 February, 2022 - 12:00
Portugal - Governo de Portugal (Government of Portugal)
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, OECD
United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF
International Social Security Association, ISSA
World Food Programme, WFP
International Training Centre of the ILO, ITCILO
Social Policy Research Institute, SPRI Global

E-Coaching on Social Protection: Towards responsive systems

  • Introduction to the course

As countries across the world continue to grapple with the social and economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, compounded by climate change, social protection remains high on the agenda. With one in two people in the world still not covered by any form of social protection, reaping the benefits of stronger social protection systems remains a challenge. Drawing on the knowledge and expertise of a broad partnership, this course offers you the opportunity to hone your competences in social protection to face a disruptive environment. The course will offer you the opportunity to learn about emerging good practices, be exposed to the latest debates and state of the art analysis as well as getting on-the-job, customised e-coaching. This will enable you to devise, implement and manage more responsive social protection systems and interventions where you are.

The course is a blend of self-paced and instructor-led

  • Who takes this course?

This programme is aimed at a wide range of professionals working in social protection institutions, ministries, international organizations, social partners and civil society partners, tasked with designing and implementing social protection measures, particularly in response to public health and climate emergencies.

The following requirements are therefore essential to participate in the programme:

  • the ability to use and access a computer with internet
  • working knowledge of written English.

Same country delegations are strongly encouraged to take part in the programme, in order to support a systemic response to country-specific challenges.

  • What will I learn?

This e-Learning programme offers a flexible and phased learning experience to enable a wide range of professionals to better respond to changing social protection needs in the context of a disruptive environment.

  • Social protection fundamentals: principles, concepts and challenges in developing and implementing responsive social protection interventions in the current context
  • Lessons from social protection responses to ongoing emergencies: getting real time data and information from experts and a global network of social protection professionals
  • Best practices and lessons learned: exploring and analysing the most innovative, effective and sustainable measures currently implemented around the world
  • High-quality ‘real time’ online tuition: get access to social protection technical experts and sector specialists through asynchronous and synchronous online tuition
  • Focus on a specific area of work: select a specific area of work depending on your needs and context from a range of interventions including social health protection, contributory and non-contributory schemes and responses
  • On the job technical support: provided through tailored one to one e-coaching by technical experts

** Please note that the e-course described on this page is not free. **