World Employment and Social Outlook: Trends 2020

The enormous challenges in the world of work – including persistent inequalities and exclusion – make it more vital than ever to establish a clear picture of global employment and social trends. This requires critical reflection on the adequacy of our methods and concepts, with innovations where needed, to address today’s policy challenges. We need to question, for example, whether the unemployment rate provides the most reliable measure of labour market underperformance. (...). While evidence shows that countries are not experiencing an upward convergence of employment opportunities and income gains, we need to understand with greater precision which groups of workers are winning and which ones are losing. Robust answers to these questions can feed directly into the design of economic and social policies that will navigate a sustainable and inclusive path of development. This report seeks to rise to this challenge by offering novel evidence and insights that enhance our understanding of labour market performance around the world, as well as by presenting the most recent data characterizing long-standing labour market challenges.