Women’s economic empowerment and the care economy in the ECE region: The impact of economic and social policies during the COVID-19 response and recovery

This policy brief is part of the United Nations Development Account tranche 13 project: Strengthening Social Protection for Pandemic Response, in particular its workstream on strengthening care policies with a gender lens with the participation of UN regional commissions and cooperating partners, including UN Women regional offices. It analyzes economic and social policies of ECE member states in response to COVID-19 and to support the recovery from the pandemic. It also substantiates the importance of care work for societies and describes the impacts caused by the COVID-19 crisis on women’s work and the care economy. It analyzes the policy measures that have been implemented in various countries in the region to address the crisis along the 5-R-framework and concludes with a series of policy recommendations to strengthen the care dimension in economic and social policies developed as a way out of the COVID-19 crisis.