Webinar presentation: Aging and disability: delivering effective social protection

Slide presentation of the webinar held in 26 October 2021.

Old age and disability are both core concerns of effective life cycle social protection systems, and the two issues are strongly intertwined. Prevalence of disability rises significantly at more advanced ages and is indeed a core part of the rationale for old age pension systems. The majority of persons with disability are aged over 60 years old and it has been estimated that 46% of older persons have a disability with 250 million older persons living with moderate to severe disability. Global population aging is the key driver in the increase of numbers of persons living with disability. However, not all older persons live with a disability, and there is significant diversity in the extent of functional limitations experienced by older persons with disability.
Given how closely old age and disability are intertwined, social protection systems need to be adaptive and responsive. This webinar sought to bring greater clarity to the discussion by setting out the key issues at stake for building social protection systems that address disability in old age. Click here to access the paper "Social protection and older persons with disabilities" referenced during the session.

The webinar provided participants with:

  • The trends associated with aging and disability and the need for social protection.
  • An overview on the range of social protection programs used to support older persons with disability (a focus on both cash transfers and care and support)
  • Experiences from the Asia Pacific region: a snapshot of social protection programs for older persons with disability.
  • Lessons learnt in the design and implementation of cash transfers.