Venezuelan Migrants and Quality of Life in Family from Basic Conditions of Well-being and Health Balance - OECD. El Espinal 2019-2021

The UNHCR (2020) establishes that there are 6.04 million migrant refugees from Venezuela in the world, among them, more than 1,729,000 are located in Colombia, of which 966,000 are in a regular situation. From a social and socio-economic conflict resolution perspective, this phenomenon generates an imperative of attention due to the direct relationship with the environments that bring them, since they must guarantee effective deference to all their needs and requirements; This article allows analyzing the impact on the quality of life of Venezuelan residents in El Espinal - Tolima, during the years 2019-2021, from the characterization of their families, the identification of sanitation conditions and their risk scenarios, with a sample of 15 families from the subjective and objective well-being of the same from schemes outlined by ECLAC, from concurrent mixed research from social mapping, survey and content analysis, concluding from the subjective perception of the members of the nucleus a basic average in their welfare from housing conditions, informal ambulatory jobs, and imbalance in the guarantee of rights such as education and health due to lack of agency.