Unleashing Adaptive Potential for Social Protection: Good Adaptive Social Protection Practices in Latin America and the Caribbean

The report is structured around four chapters and begins by offering a comprehensive overview of the region's climate and disaster risk profile in Chapter 1. This is followed by chapter 2 which provides a snapshot of the status of social protection systems in the region. Chapter 3 conducts a detailed analysis of the World Bank's stress test assessments in the LAC region, showcasing good practices and overarching weaknesses categorized according to the building blocks of the Adaptive Social Protection (ASP) framework. Building on the assessment findings, chapter 3 also provides a set of transnational emerging recommendations geared towards the advancement of the ASP agenda in LAC. Chapter 4 takes a forward-looking approach, exploring the World Bank's role in contributing to making social protection systems in the region more adaptive. This chapter also touches upon crucial issues within the region, including migration and the high levels of informality, thereby providing a broader perspective on the challenges and opportunities surrounding the advancement of this crucial agenda in the LAC countries.