Tracking Social Protection Responses to Displacement in Ukraine and Other Countries

This note provides an update of social protection and related measures in Ukraine and for displaced Ukrainian populations in a variety of countries. Previous versions of the note were published on March 10 (v.1), March 18 (v.2), and April 8 (v.3). Data is preliminary and meant to elicit comments, additions, integration, and revisions to be incorporated in next living paper versions. Measures include typical social protection programs (social assistance, insurance, and active labor market measures), while select services in the realm of housing, health, education, and other human development dimensions are also reported. This is because such measures are often part of an integrated package of interventions for refugees, asylum seekers and other displaced populations. Specifically, the note tracks four broad measures, namely cash transfers; in-kind transfers; labor markets; and “other select measures.” The latter includes five subcategories, i.e., education, health, housing, transportation, and other services.

For Ukraine only, we also include budget support as a core measure. Because of the nature of displacement support, humanitarian assistance in the form of programs similar to governmentsupported social protection (e.g., cash transfers, food assistance) is also recorded. Details are still preliminary and incomplete. More information on specific measures will be provided as data becomes available, although this version 4 already includes a substantial number of sources (about a thousand, see endnotes). To this effect, continuous monitoring of institutional and government websites and announcements, as well as scanning of news outlets and programmatic materials by humanitarian organizations is ongoing. Data sources for reported measures are provided as weblinks. Suggestions on materials and measures to be included in future updates are welcome and could be signaled to the team directly.

Living paper v.4 (June 10, 2022).