Towards transformation of the development model in Latin America and the Caribbean: production, inclusion and sustainability

In a regional and international context of weak growth, high inflation and growing inequality, the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean must focus policies on reactivating, rebuilding and transforming economic and production systems to advance towards low-carbon and high-tech economies that address climate change and reduce their historical gaps, structural heterogeneity and dualism. This document considers the complex conditions that pose significant challenges to accelerating growth, tackling high inflation and the cost-of-living crisis, maintaining transfers to the most vulnerable households, mitigating the social costs of the crisis and boosting investment.

Its chapters analyse the dynamics of globalization and the policy challenges in changing the production structure and moving towards sustainable development. In addition, they consider strategies for reducing inequality and creating universal protection systems and decent jobs in a challenging world. Nine strategic sectors expected to drive a big push for sustainability are examined through the prism of green growth. The document concludes with policy recommendations for advancing towards a renewed model for inclusive and sustainable growth.