Timor-Leste: Adaptive Social Protection Assessment

This report seeks to support the GoTL in its efforts to build an Adaptive Social Protection (ASP) system. It aims at enhancing knowledge and understanding of ASP and assessing the country’s current capacity to provide agile responses to shocks and building resilience. The ASP assessment follows the framework by Bowen et al. (2020) which outlined four building blocks essential for effective ASP: i) Institutional arrangements and partnerships; ii) Program design and delivery systems; iii) Data and information systems; and iv) Finance. A ‘traffic light’ scorecard is used to summarize the status of each building block and identify specific recommendations to strengthen that specific area. The assessment categorizes the overall Social Protection system, each building block, and each dimension, as ‘nascent,’ ‘emerging,’ or ‘established.’ This is intended to help practitioners identify the aspects of the country’s system that are performing well, and more importantly, identify areas to be prioritized.