Thematic Discussion on Long-term Care in the context of the 2022 SPC Multilateral Implementation Reviews

The care sector was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, with difficulties in ensuring continuity of care affecting the well-being of care recipients and care providers alike. While the pandemic has put the Member States’ long-term care (LTC) systems under unprecedented stress, many of the weaknesses in the sector (for example related to access to and affordability of care, quality of care and the care workforce) were structural and existed before the outbreak of the pandemic. In addition, projections show how population ageing is expected to lead to a strong increase in demand for quality long-term care, while less people of working age will be available to provide and finance such services. In this context, reform implementation in the area of long-term care continues to be monitored by the Social Protection Committee by means of a thematic discussion, as well as by country-specific reviews of the past CSRs, where relevant.