Support to Refugees and Host Communities (SRHC) Cluster of GIZ in Turkey: Booklet

The Support to Refugees and Host Communities (SRHC) Cluster of GIZ in Turkey was set up in 2016 to coordinate the projects implemented by GIZ that are funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the EU to support the Turkish authorities and local partners in their response to the Syria Crisis.

The Cluster focuses on four main programmatic components: employment and skills development, education, social cohesion and capacity development.

In 2018 a comprehensive data aggregation process took place to compile the project-level indicators and achievements into a Cluster-wide impact presentation. This encompasses both quantitative impact numbers as well as qualitative human interest stories of people who have been positively impacted by the work of the projects.

This booklet summarises the establishment of the Cluster, the impact achieved, as well as provides short descriptions of the respective projects in the Cluster.

The publication was prepared by: Gudrun Orth, SRHC Cluster Coordinator; Miresi Busana, SRHC Cluster Education Advisor; Samira Lindner, M&E and Communications Advisor for GIZ Turkey; with significant contributions by Andreas Pfanzelt, M&E Consultant.