The State of School Feeding Worldwide 2022

The State of School Feeding worldwide publication is issued every two years and uses the best available data sources to provide an overview of coverage, implementation practices and costs of school-based health and nutrition programmes worldwide. This publication will be the first one to additionally monitor the progress of the School Meals Coalition and the achievements towards its goal of providing every schoolchild globally with a daily, healthy meal in school by 2030. The last State of School Feeding was launched during COVID-19 – today the world is recovering from the pandemic, and most children have returned to school. However, many children have lost more than two years of schooling, resulting in the largest loss of human capital in decades. This report will analyse how school health and nutrition interventions have recovered from the severe impact of the pandemic and how governments are prioritising school feeding programmes in the political landscape of post-COVID recovery, climate change, and an unfolding food crisis.