STAAR (2024) Unified Information System of the Social Sphere (UISSS): Reinforcing Ukraine’s Social Protection Infrastructure Amid Crisis in 2023

As Ukraine navigates through the complexities of 2023, marked by unprecedented challenges and transformative opportunities, this report presents an essential updated analysis of the Unified Information System of the Social Sphere (UISSS). Building upon our comprehensive 2022 study we delve deeper into the dynamic shifts in Ukraine's social protection systems, with a specific focus on the pivotal developments within the UISSS. This study, grounded in an exhaustive review of internal Ukrainian government documents and enriched by discussions with key personnel from the Ukrainian Ministry of Social Policy, is designed to capture the most current strategic advancements in the UISSS. Addressing a diverse audience comprising civil society, government policymakers, social protection experts, and international stakeholders, including the UN, donors, and the World Bank, our report offers a thorough assessment of the UISSS's critical role in the modernisation of Ukraine's social protection framework. Amidst transformative national reforms, understanding the evolving landscape of the UISSS becomes imperative. This report not only provides insights into the system's impact on service delivery and operational efficiency but also supports decision-makers in strategic planning for social protection reform and digital progression.