SPaN (2019) Case Study: Iraq

Establishing an effective safety net has been a strategic priority of the Government of Iraq (GoI) and development partners since 2012. Achievements include adopting the Social Protection Law and reform of the Social Protection Network (SPN). Since 2014, macroeconomic shocks and escalation of conflict have curtailed social protection expenditure and hampered programme implementation and efforts to reform public services. Meanwhile, displacement has increased poverty and food insecurity among internally displaced people (IDPs), who lost access to income, livelihoods and government safety nets. In the absence of a well developed social protection system, the humanitarian response in Iraq has been addressing needs of households affected by the displacement, with multi-purpose grants (MPG) progressively becoming the core transfer instrument to meet multiple needs, complemented by additional transfers. Case Study: Iraq Case Study: Iraq for specific needs. The GoI’s Ministry of Migration and Displacement (MOMD) also provides periodic cash and food transfers to IDPs and returnees.