SPACE Using Social Protection to respond to COVID-19 and other shocks in Somalia

This case study on Somalia forms part of a series of papers produced by SPACE which document and analyse the social protection responses to COVID-19 in several countries, including Fiji, Ghana, Indonesia, Nigeria and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. This case study differs from the other case studies in that it seeks to take a broader lens, as follows. It recognises that Somalia has been affected by multiple crises in recent years, and that COVID-19 is just one more layer of crisis that has compounded the current ‘triple crisis’ of floods, a locust invasion of historical proportions, and ongoing conflict in some areas. There was a limited social protection response to the pandemic itself, and the main scale-up of social protection over the last two years was to cover the additional needs caused by floods and the locust infestation: arguably of greater importance, especially in rural areas. The paper therefore includes information on how the flagship and pilot shock responsive social protection programmes have responded to both the locust crisis and the COVID-19 crisis.