Socio-economic Response to Coronavirus Challenges: Comparative study of Serbia and the selected European countries

The strong negative socio-economic implications of the COVID-19 pandemic have spurred governments around theworld into interventionism,which goesfar beyond itsresponse to the World Financial Crisis(WFC) in the past decade. The interventions of the Serbian government in this area are primarily analysed, but the measures of other European countries are also comparatively researched, asillustrations of different approachesto responding to the pandemic. The aim of the research isto determine the appropriateness of the socio-economic measures in Serbia. The effects of the Serbian government’s measures will be assessed by: a) analysing the success ofthe fight against unemployment, indicated by the rates of formal and informal employment, b) data on the number of closed SMEs, c) assessing the impact on the revenues of the surveyed population by the World Bank, d) the results of the survey of state aid beneficiaries, by CEVES and the Government of the Republic of Serbia.