Social Security for People Affected by Drug-Resistant TB

The high incidence of Drug Resistance Tuberculosis (DR TB) and the low number of people with DR TB who get treatment shows that the prevention of DR TB in Indonesia requires serious attention. Need about 24 months for treatment and healing and requires huge financing and adherence. Although the government has facilitated treatment for people affected by DR TB through National Health Insurance (JKN), and enabler support from the TB Control program funded by the Global Fund, however not all people with DR TB received that assistance. This study focuses on examining the importance of social security for people with DR TB and analyzing the adequacy of policies so that social security can be implemented for people with DR TB. This study finds that DR TB is a catastrophic disease that brings about poverty to patients with multidimensional impacts including physiological, psychological, social, and economic. The integration of DR TB into social security is feasible in Indonesia. Finally, this study looks at the issuance of Presidential Decree No. 67 in the year 2021 about TB control becoming a very strong base for the integration of TB-affected people into social protection programs.