Social Protection Programme (SPP)

Since 1999, the poverty level in Indonesia has halved, reaching 10.7% or 27.76 million individuals in 2016. The World Bank estimates that an additional 24% of the popula- tion are at risk of poverty. Although the position indicates it being above the poverty line, the population only possesses a maximum of 1.5 times the threshold value. Besides, the inequality level shows rapid growth in the last ten years due to geography and social concentration. In Indonesia, there is a high risk of poverty due to extreme weather events and natural disasters and the accompanying damage to assets and loss of income. According to the 2017 World Risk Report, Indonesia ranks 33 of 171 high-risk countries. Poor households are often unable to take preven- tive measures and thus face existential threats. To date, social protection does not cover these risks. Expanding social protection to these risks contributes to maintaining stabilization of households so that they do not fall back into poverty in such situations. The Project’s aim to offer support to the Government of Indonesia as innovative approaches complement the existing social protection system for the poor and vulnerable.