Social protection in the grassroots perspective: A training manual

This manual reflects the result of several trainings, workshops, and conversations in the past three years of grassroots organisers in Asia with whom Asia Monitor Resource Centre (AMRC) have worked together to learn how the grassroots workers understand the concept of social protection and evaluate the social protection programmes in their countries. More importantly, the participatory processes that served as the foundation of this manual helped in the formulation of a grassroots perspective on social protection as well as the grassroots workers’ social protection demands. AMRC developed this training manual to serve as an educational tool that the grassroot organisers can use to build up the workers’ awareness on social protection and to assist them in formulating their own demands on social protection. It encourages grassroots workers to look beyond the traditional definitions of social protection by examining it in the context of the current oppressive economic and political structures. The manual can be used by various kinds of labour organisations, such as trade unions, labour NGOs and informal workers’ groups.