From Risk to Choice: Cash Within GBV Case Management in Jordan

Jordan has the second highest share of refugees per capita in the world with 10% of its population being refugees. Gender-based violence (GBV) remains a widespread concern at the national level, with women and girls’ refugees and displaced populations especially vulnerable to GBV. In 2021, UNFPA Jordan launched a pilot to integrate cash assistance within GBV case management as an additional tool for the achievement of action plan goals. 

The pilot targeted GBV survivors and women at risk of GBV, both Jordanians and Syrian refugees, through two modalities: one-off Emergency Cash Assistance (ECA) and Recurrent Cash Assistance (RCA) for three to six months. In order to document benefits and potential risk of incorporating cash assistance into case management to inform the design of future GBV programs in Jordan and the region, and to build evidence-driven guidance on the approach for wider uptake by the GBV community of practice, a study was conducted by the Johns Hopkins University examining and comparing the experiences of women in six governorates receiving only case management with women receiving case management as well cash assistance.