Review of African Household Survery Data on Social Safety-nets and the Role of Education, Remittances and Migration

The question of the social protection of the poor and social safety-nets in Africa has recently received attention from the European Union, United Nations agencies, as well as in many academic papers and conferences. We provide a review of African Household Survey Data on Social Safety-Nets, looking for those which are relevant for the study of the role of Education, Remittances and Migration on Social Safety-Nets. Some of these data were used for our related paper Nyarko and Gyimah (2010) which studied the role of the three inter-related mechanisms related to protection against shocks: Education, Remittances and Migration. We identify a number of datasets and indicate the ease of collection as well as the relevance to the debates on Social Safety-Nets. We identify the availability of variables of interest for many of the datasets.