Resilience, Equity and Opportunity. The World Bank’s Social Protection and Labor Strategy 2012-2022

Consultations Report

A decade has passed since the World Bank introduced its social risk management framework and launched its first social protection strategy. During that time, the work of the World Bank’s social protection sector has grown, innovated and played a critical role in supporting developing countries, most notably in managing the social impacts of the recent global economic crisis. In order to respond more effectively to the emerging, fast-changing and challenging demands expected in the coming decade, the World Bank Group is preparing a new social protection strategy, to be finalized in early 2012. The new strategy will shape the World Bank’s work in social protection for the next 10 years (2012-2022). The development of the social protection strategy was supported by a global multi-stakeholder consultation process seeking to elicit views and inputs in as broad, inclusive and transparent a manner as possible. Specifically, the consultations aimed to: i) create a vibrant space for dialogue with stakeholders to share their views on challenges and new and emerging opportunities for social protection policies and programs; ii) obtain inputs and feedback from stakeholders on improved social protection policies, programs and other mechanisms in developing countries; and iii) expand and deepen channels for ongoing engagement with key stakeholders beyond strategy development and toward strategy implementation, so that the World Bank’s social protection efforts can continue to benefit from different perspectives and experiences.