Public policy in the sphere of children’s social protection in war conditions

Social protection of children in the conditions of afull-scale war on Ukraine’s territory has become significantly more complicated and has given rise to a number of problems: to save the children’s lives, to ensure their rights, to protect the most vulnerable, to meet the children’s humanitarian needs such as, in particular, access to food, water and sanitation, psychosocial assistance, education, mine risk education, as well as the provision of services for children with special needs, etc. Russians often hide behind Ukrainian children as human shields and use them for their propaganda. This paper analyzes the state of current social protection of children and the acute problems associated with the inability to provide an adequate level of protection for children who are injured, victims of violence, abduction and illegal export of children to the territory of the aggressor country, children left without parental care, including for reasons and as aresult of war and in need of adoption, as well as children with developmental disabilities who need early intervention services. Proposals for improving public policy in the social’s protection sphere of children in war are proposed.