Promising Practices in Social Protection for Children in Europe and Central Asia

This report presents five promising practices in social protection in Europe and Central Asia,  The report documents the experiences of Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Montenegro and Kyrgyzstan in reforming their social protection systems to make them more child-sensitive.  The report highlights steps countries have taken to make their social protection systems more integrated (Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro) as well as to extend the adequacy and coverage of their social assistance programmes (Georgia and Kyrgyzstan).  A number of useful lessons are identified in this report, on issues including the power of evidence and data combined with high-level advocacy and policy dialogue to guide policy change and enlist political will in support of reforms; the importance of high quality partnerships among national and international agencies in support of reforms; the need to consider wider public administration and fiscal frameworks for social protection reform; and the need for sustained commitment to the long-term and complex nature of some of the changes being implemented.