Poverty, Food Security and Nutrition Analysis in the context of COVID-19 and the role of Social Protection in the Kyrgyz Republic, October 2021

This report offers recommendations to provide a mutually reinforcing pathways to break the vicious cycle of poverty, food insecurity and malnutrition, including inter-sectoral linkages between social protection and food systems, promote healthy and diverse diets among the population and strengthen the design of social benefits to make sure that “no one is left behind”. It aims to shed light on the linkages between poverty, food security and nutrition by highlighting their interconnectedness and the role of social protection in addressing these challenges. In Chapter 1 the trends prior to the pandemic are presented to then reflect on the changes brought up by the latter in Chapter 2. Linked to addressing the vulnerability and the food security and nutrition of the most vulnerable, Chapter 3 presents an overview of the social protection measures in response to pandemic-driven crisis in Kyrgyzstan. Chapter 4 provides conclusive remarks and recommendations on the way forward.