NRAP 4th Quarter Report 1396

This summary consolidates the overall progress made toward performance indicators of the projects including ARAP during 4 th quarter of 1396. The highlights include the achievements of components A, B and C of the ARAP project while briefly indicated the overall progress of other projects under NRAP during reporting period. The detailed data provided in annexes (A) & (B).

1) COMPONENT (A) SECONDARY ROADS-MoPW: This component is executed by MoPW and covers improvement and maintenance of the secondary (District) roads. The cumulative physical achievement since inception (2012) of the project to the end of 4th quarter of 1396 is construction of 539 Km gravel surface road, 241.9 Km asphalt surface roads, 1,416.1 Running meter bridges, 127,446.20 Linear meters associated drainage structures and generated 3,012,117.45 labor days. While 16.17 Km gravel surface and 12 Km asphalt, surface road constructed during the reporting period.

2) COMPONENT (B) TERTIARY ROADS-MRRD: This component executed by MRRD and covers improvement and maintenance of the tertiary (village) roads. The cumulative physical achievement since inception; 2012 of the project to the end of 4 th quarter of 1396 is construction of 1,401 km of village roads, 2,108 Running meter bridge (includes 470 Rm bridges under B1), 64,769.47 linear meters associated drainage structures as well as generated 1,813,782 labor days. Whereas indicative achievement of 2 km road, 121 Running meter bridges construction and generated 29,534 labor days reported during the reporting period.

3) COMPONENT (C) PROGRAM PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT, INSTITUTIONAL STRENGTHENING, AND PROGRAM COORDINATION SUPPORT: This component is jointly executed by MoPW and MRRD for various activities which will be undertaken by each individual, while ensuring close coordination with each other, facilitated by the National Coordination Unit (NCU).

  • Gap Analysis in national road network including district road, conducted. New version of road network database has released and data collection of road network planning is ongoing and completed in 25 provinces, 70% of national highways.
  • Since inception of the project different types of short, long term and on the job trainings has provided to individuals, meeting the preset selection criteria. Both domestic and international trainings provided to program staff in different fields such as, CCNA, MSCD, Project Management and Academic English courses to civil servant, while required on job trainings have provided to internship students and fresh graduate engineers indoor. Moreover, it is worthy to report that constructions of all eight NRAP buildings are completed.
  • Beside regular data flow to program stakeholders through NRAP website, newsletter, media report; steering committee meetings, monthly coordination meeting, technical coordination meeting as well as ad hoc Senior Management Meeting conducted for project strategic implementation and oversights.