Moldova: A social protection country profile for the Ukraine crisis response

This profile was developed with the available information between 26/04/2022 and 13/06/2022, as a supplement to the overarching briefing paper Humanitarian Assistance and Social Protection Linkages: Strengthening shock-responsiveness of social protection systems in the Ukraine crisis.

Some key messages are:

  • Moldova is the least resourced country to incorporate a very large caseload of new intrants into its social protection system.
  • Modernization of the State and reform of social protection has been on the agenda for many years, but a fragmented governance has not led to the progress of other neighbouring country. Moldova has therefore requested for support to address the crisis.
  • Initial conversations about longer term strengthening of the social protection system are encouraging but they will need to be deepened to locate support within the wider reform needs, to analyse transferability in architecture and scope of the response, to assess other risks associated to running a refug